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Mission Statement
YourIgloo Inc. is committed to becoming the leading national provider of discount residential real estate products and services.

Company Overview
Commencing listing operations as YourIgloo in August of 2000, YourIgloo is a real estate company that has changed the traditional way of listing properties for sale. Home sellers may list their property on the REALTOR Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the Internet, providing maximum exposure to every Realtor in the nation for a one time fee of only $489. YourIgloo empowers real estate sellers by offering them the speed and global reach of new technology and the Internet, and saves them money at the same time. The home will be listed on numerous, high-traffic Web sites such as,,,, MSN Home,, and more!

Included in the listing fee, the home seller will receive an attractive yard sign for maximum exposure to passers by. Once the seller's home is listed with YourIgloo, the seller may find a buyer themselves and pay no commission, or agree to pay a total selling commission of typically 2 to 3.5% to the buyer's broker. Note: Commissions may vary depending on location.

Management Team

Pam Schurman, General Manager


For information on investment opportunities with YourIgloo, please contact us.

Company Investor Relations contact:, Inc.
639 E Ocean Ave, Ste 205
Boynton Beach, FL 33435

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